Welcome to RED STAR, a campaign setting written for Pathfinder, a variant of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.  Red Star is a campaign setting strongly embraced by the ‘Points of Light’ concept, and built in the spirit of classic adventure games of our past. 

This campaign is about exploration.  Not just in the sense of finding out what’s over the next hill, but also in exploring the past and history of the world.  Indeed, the campaign may be more difficult than most, not due to an unfair or heightened challenge (though parties should certainly be cautious of those) but because the objective of the campaign is not made readily available to the players. 

There are no Dark Lords or Dragon Overlords being sent forth to end all existence.  There isn’t an arbitrary time limit of five years before a level 26th demi-god descends upon the party.  However, that is not to say there is no goal or focus.  The world IS in peril, but those who might have tried in saving it gave up or died long ago.  Will your party be any different?  It is for you to decide.

This campaign is very much a spiritual successor to DragonQuest.  Many of the systems I wrote or used for that campaign have been refined here.  Some have been removed or made simpler.  These decisions were made based on personal observation and your feedback that was provided over the 7 months of the campaign.  Hopefully we can take a good thing and make it great.

Much like DragonQuest, the flavor of the world is a strange mixture of fantasy and science-fiction.  There are portals through time and space.  Reality can and will change.  Dungeons are an exploration into insanity as much as dark structures.  Players who enjoyed the Ruins will be at home here.

The World itself is large and varied, but mostly unexplored.  Setting out into the wilderness can be a dangerous but highly rewarding experience.  Players may choose to stay in and near New Osthgarath, or see what unknown adventures await them in the world.  The choice is yours.

This manual will contain some basic explanations of house rules used in the campaign.  If you played DragonQuest, most if not all will be very familiar to you.  However this document will not be lengthy nor contain much information about the world itself.  That is to be discovered in play, through the eyes and ears of your characters.

Best of luck explorers, and see you on the other side.




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