Episode 1: Title

raw notes, someone should make it funny/accurate later

Guardians of the Vale:
farmer-destined-to-save-the-world Paladin “Ian” (Spelled with 6 letters and pronounced Welshishly)
chaotic “burn everything” Gnome Summoner Ebix
“destroy things with controlled fire” alchemist [name]
low-level noble Cavalier Kincit Fahz

Party gathers in the literally nondescript Fahz Manor common room. Decides to gather intel before heading into the Abyss.

Dead Dragon Inn
merchant – “go bring me skin of the dragon” Viti the Strong.
innkeeper – killed a dragon back in the day. stories about the old city. (black wind, king) It’s out to get you. Gates.

Inside the old city.
Everyone but paladin and summoned thingy forget everything for a while. After amnesia fun and weird dangerous portal, Ian leads them back out of the old city. And then back in.

subjective gravity outside of gate
in gate: sewer. low gravity.
Kills 3 rats, 3 centipedes. Small amount of coin, some water-damaged scroll. Cav scared of vermin, does nothing. Alchemists have fire bombs which are awesome.
Find door to dragon. retreat.
But first, black wind shows up. Back into the gate. Really dark and creepy.
Race to the gate, go home.



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