Episode 2: Wilderness Treasure Hunt #1 - Abyss Adventures - The Clocktower (Pt. 1)

still phoning in the logs

A map is found in Fahz Manor. Seems to be a treasure map. 3 Xs. One nearby.
The first X is near the mysterious Wizard Tower to the north at the edge of the farmlands+forest.
Party gathers camping gear and heads out north to find the “treasure”.

End of the day, see a farmhouse. Farmer lets them stay overnight. Turns out it’s the last occupied farmhouse in the north.
Party discusses wizard tower with him (sounds like it’s a census survey, IMO).

It is snowing.
Party heads out to search for “the treasure” “under a rock in the field”. Finds the rock fairly quickly.
Under the rock, there is a chest. It has some money and some gems, one of which is probably expensive (>500g).

Party heads to wizard tower. Magic mouth asks a few basic questions about who the characters are, then a box appears. “What have you brought?”
Someone puts some money in. A stick. “skepticism”. Nothing interesting happens.
A few of the party members vow revenge (not sure for what, exactly).

Party stays at farmer’s house on the way back bq). again.
Arrives back in town. It is the night of the Caydan Cailean festival (lucky drunk CG god of partying).

Party gets the weird gem appraised. It is worth over 800g.
Tries to find a noble to buy them. Sir Douche(name modified to protect identity) tries to haggle. Mrs. Douche shows up. Krusk + Summ take advantage of situation, make a better deal for ALL gems.
Sir Douche is disappoint.

Eaen gets the sewer scrolls mended. They are Levitate and Phantom Steed.

Party gears up. Kincit has a Guard Post built after realizing his party’s dealings with Sir Douche may have negative consequences in the future.

Back to the old city/abyss. Going to try going to the castle’s portal (hard mode).
Tries trailblazing, ends up in a dead-end time dilation field, loses a day, leave.
Tries taking the road. The king’s army is out marching through the city, leave.
Tries again. Meet a surviving member of a party wipe. Skeletons got them. Party avoids this path, ends up at magic academy (normal mode).
Magic academy gate detects them as intruders, teleports party to the void (a giant hole, with large rocks suspended in the air. Party grappling-hooks the rock toward solid ground instead of trying to jump.
Party decides to head for the castle instead.

Inside the castle, level 1 is “The Clocktower”. Gears, a fountain, and illusionary treasure.
Paladin detects evil far away behind a door. Summoner detects magic (the fake treasure). Both continue concentrating on detecting as the evil thing gets closer and closer to the door.
A carrion golem smashes through the door!
Eidolon, Ian attack. Krusk throws a fire bomb, which slows the golem. Kincit charges on his horse with a lance for massive damage.
Golem hits Ian, Ian catches fever. Golem is slain.

Party finds a fountain. It is magic. “Let’s drink from it!” They do. Then they realize the fountain is the entry room is also magical.
Fortunately, the fountains are mostly benevolent.
Krusk gains a level. Yep. Also his body is harder(?).
Euean becomes physically even stronger than before and also learns how to more effectively battle a certain type evil outsider type. Logger still can’t spell his name.
Summoned becomes sneakier (shadow form). Logger remebers his name starts with a “Q”.
Summoner learns how to cast Lightning Bolt. At level 1. Yep. Logger still has no idea what his name is.
Kincit has a moment of ultimate clarity, allowing him to get over his current issues (Complications solved! Time for new ones?). Also he can walk on water now.
With these blessings from the fountains, the party decides to continue in the clocktower.

To be continued…

Not really a good cliffhanger. Oh right.
“The unknown Clocktower Lord with a still-unknown known-to-be-broken ability still awaits somewhere on this level. And the abyss/city outside still waits to get them again when they eventually go to leave. And they have to go all the way across the abyss/city, too…” DUN-dun-DUHHHN!!!!



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