Episode 3: The Clocktower (Pt. 2) - Megadogs vs Green Titan

also gigahorse

After realizing he can cast Lightning Bolt, Ebix is summoned out of the dungeon. Probably by the summoners who are after him.
Remaining party members aren’t too surprised, figure it’s just Ebix being Ebix.

Party heads through a door which leads to a small room… too small.
Someone eventually figures out one of the walls is an illusion. Behind this wall is… another too small room.
Someone eventually figures out the walls behind the illusion is also an illusion. This leads to a door.
Party breaks through the door, attacked by stirges. Fire bomb is effective.
Someone eventually figures out the wall on the other side of the room is an illusion. Behind that, the room extends a little further.
Someone eventually figures out a small section of the new wall is an illusion. It contains a chest. In the chest are gems and well-made weapons (longsword, greathammer, lance).

Ebix + Qor’tul return through the entrance to the gate. Guess it wasn’t a big deal.

Party finds beats on some skeletons.
Party find a what looks like an office or library. Also a bathroom.
Party finds dead hooker storage (refrigerated), filled wall-to-wall with dead hookers. Probably used for making carrion golems.

For some reason, all animals in this floor of the dungeon have grown considerably. Ebix summons riding dogs which become Megadogs. Kincit’s horse becomes Gigahorse.
Party finds a room with spiders. After hijinx involving a flask of alchemist’s fire caught in a web and everyone throwing things at it to get it to drop, eventually it breaks open, burning all spiders and webs.
Through this room, there is a broken circle of binding. Also a realistic, kind of creepy foreshadowing/backstory tapestry depicting the events of The Shattering. 3 kings and many citizens in the background (I forget the details. Fire/destruction?, rotting/obliteration?, and [time/phasing/duplicates/alternate realities]?). At first, the people look excitied, but then, horrified.

Party finds an empty room. Qor’tul enters. Disappears. 6 kobolds appear. Party quickly deals with them.

Ebix resummons Qor’tul, sends him into the empty room. Qot’tul ends up near a spider. Fights it, barely wins.
Krusk recognizes a random teleport room when he sees one. Ebix sees an opportunity when he sees one, sends Qor’tul through a few more times. Eventually gets bored.

Party meets a trapped door they do not like. Q disables the trap after being pierced by a spear by bashing the spear. Party decides door is boring, goes away.
Q gets chopped up by a different trapped door.

Party finds some adventure graves in a hidden room, dig up a wand of moderate harm(?).

Party heads back to the door they got bored with. Qor’tul tries to open the door and gets burnt pretty badly. Peace out.
Ieuan opens the door with makeshift gloves made out of a wet blanket.
Behind the door is a huge flame and an angry dwarf (Rutilan?). Party slams the door shut and flees to the entrance room.

Party finds a room sealed with a heavy door with a round big turning handle thing. There is clearly a dungeon lord here. It has something to do with acid or poison.

Ebix summons 5 Celestial Megadogs.
Evatanus(sp?) the Titan (young green dragon) sprays corrosive acid on the dogs as soon as the door is opened.
Megadogs surround young green dragon, bite it up. But there is a lot to chew through.
Krusk fire bomb, misses. Ieuan guards the door in case of need of a hasty retreat. Kincit charges the dragon.
Dragon starts to take off and sprays all 5 megadogs and Kincit. 2 dogs and Kincit+horse pass out. Ieaun rushes in to get Kincit out of the room. Ebix summons another Megadog.
Megadogs keep smiting the dragon.
Dragon knows it’s in trouble, tries to charge the humanoids outside of the room. Ieuan slams the door on it and seals it back up. Dogs finish off dragon.

The dragon has 200,000 silver pieces.

Potions and first aid are applied the the cavalier and more importantly, his horse (aka silver-mover).

Party exits to find the courtyard has been flooded. Ebix summons a Regulardolphin for Ieuan to ride.

Party gets surrounded by zombies. Kincit instructed to hang back with the cargo, does so grudging. Party takes out these zombies with some fire and slicing. Mostly fire.

Party meets another adventuring party near the front gates who cover their retreat from the abyss.

Back in town, everyone trains for a few days, improving their skill quickly thanks to their practical experience in combat.

Viti the Strong still awaits.



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