Volume 4: Summoner Attack - Wilderness Treasure Hunt #2 - Fridge of Steakholding - Vitti's Sewage Roast - Ah Crap Poltergeist

Enough content to be Season 2.

Kincit’s map has a second treasure location west of town. All but Ieaun head that way.
Summoners ambush them by having one of them pretend to be attacked by an elemental. Kincit and Ebix(?) get held. Qor’tul and Krusk rush to their aid.
Summoners summon negative energy plane rift. Ouch. Krusk closes it with a cure light wounds wand.
Ieaun shows up not long after seeing the dark rift from his farm.

Party finds oak forest, eventually finds the location of the hidden treasure.
Ebix realizes he can summon celestial eagle, which are great for scouting terrain.

Party finds abandoned “wilderness camp”. Erastil hallowed ground. Evil is afraid of it.
Just to the north it is very very bad. Ebix sends Krusk on recon. It is very very bad. Party heads back to town.

Party buys some stuff then enters the abyss again.
Runs into what is clearly some kind of haunt.
(Illusory modern-day house)
Krusk opens the fridge, pulls out a steak, and puts it in his bag. (It is still there, 3 sessions later, I believe.)
There is a little girl and a dirty teddy bear. Also eventually some kind of shadow thing. After attacking the shadow thing a bit, party decides to burn the bear, which apparently was a good thing.

Party arrives in 1E (Sewers).
Ebix summons some celestial riding dogs. Everyone gets fire resistant in anticipation of the Strong red dragon (wyrmling?).
Door opens. Initial fire breath takes out Shu (Kincit’s unnamed horse). Ebix’s summoned pack attacks. Kincit falls onto the sewage below and charges (water-walking).
Krusk throws an ice bomb. Ieuan smites.
Vitti goes down pretty fast.
Inside is… a winged shield (+3, flight) of arrow-catching.

On the way back, pretty much everyone is afraid and runs in random directions.
Ieuan and Ebix are still around to fight the poltergeist. Ieuan’s flying shield comes in handy. Poltergeist goes back to its fountain.
Ebix drops an anchor feather token in the fountain, breaking it and breaking the poltergeist’s curse.



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