Portal from earth plane opens in city.

Some citizens show up to join the fight.
Minor earth plane rift opens up in the city. Ogres and orcs DIAMONDS.
Krusk + Ebix burn Sir Douche’s castle.
Fight 1: Strong ogre boss. Broken viking breaks stuff. Ieuan helps a lot.
Fight 2: The whispering. Bard enthrall + the “king”. Several citizens in danger. Kincit gets charmed but fails at poking his new friends to break their enthrallment.
Fight 3: The hungry + the dark. Mass summons. The whispering, charmed by the bard earlier, shows up, keeps the dark from obliterating everything. The dark is too powerful for E6, but the party manages to keep it controlled/occupied enough to finish it off without anyone important dying.

There is a fountain near the portal.
Lord Ebix, captain of the city guard, has a nice castle where Sir Douche’s home once stood. Apparently there was considerate amount of reality altering that went on. Sir Douche is just a regular dude now and will never be heard from again (until he inherits Fahz Manor upon Kincit’s inevitable death).
Kincit is now purple.



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