Episode 6 - Wizard's Tower /The Meta/side-plot Arrives - Wilderness Treasure Hunt #3 - Undead Fort Confusion

Revenge on Wizard Tower Delayed Temporarily

Ieuan meets some mysterious guy who tells him the location of a secret training area to the northeast. And he only had to pay 1500g for the information! I’m sure this is completely real because it is too cool to not be. Also there was something about a haiku.

Party decides to check out the final treasure location on the Map of Fahz.

On the way, they stop at the Wizard Tower. They climb/fly to the top. Qor’tul finds a secret doorway near the top. They go in.
First they meet an owl. Lord Ebix tells it to say hello to its mother for him.
After a bit, the tower’s wizard shows up. Fladnag. He is old. Also forgets stuff. Also is distracted. Also is multitasking across many realities at the same time. He is looking for things in the wrong realities to return them to where they belong in hopes this will cut down on the rampant infinite realities expansion. This also might fix the rift. Or make this reality go away. Or nothing.

Party goes to the bottom level. Qor’tul digs through years worth of literal crap to find things people had left in the magic chest from the outside. The most interesting thing is a shadowed studded leather armor.

This dimension’s owl tells the party about some books with advanced/lost knowledge. Krusk should be able to learn about all sorts of lost ancient technology. Ebix might be able to rediscover ancient magics (v3.0 magic and such).

After fulfilling their curiosity about the tower, the party heads off towards treasure.
Party goes around minor earth plane and major fire plane rifts.

There is a monolith nearby. Party solves a puzzle involving magical LED circuits or something after accidentally blowing up Qor’tul on a failure. Not much interesting here except for a staff that can make holes in walls and also move chunks of earth.

Party finds the valley with a creek where the final treasure is. Unfortunately, there is nothing inside the chest. Apparently someone else may have gotten to it years ago.

Party decides to check out the fort nearby.

The fort is filled with unanimated skeleton creature things. Then Krusk throws a bomb and they all become reanimated skeleton things. Also there are ghouls. Also a troll zombie/skeleton.
Ebix tries casting a lightning bolt. Instead he hurts himself. (Wild Magic in effect.)
Party manages to hold off the first groups of undead.
Then the leader [name/creature type] the Enchanter. Almost everyone gets confused and starts attacking each other.
Ieuan starts smiting the crap out of the enchanter, which fortunately ends the fight before everyone else kills each other to undeath.

There is a coffin. It contains gloves of storing. Oh, but also it is filled with insanity gas.
Krusk and Kincit get amnesia again. Fortunately, Ieuan remembers Kincit has a potion of remove disease on him, so Krusk unforgets things.

Party makes it back to town with only a minor phase spider attack.

Kincit remembers what a shovel is again and thanks the others for not being a dick. Ebix had really wanted to, but paladins disapprove of unlawful dickishness.



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