Episode 8 - Ebix and the Ultimate Summon

If anything in this episode looks like a reference to something, it probably is.

Krusk isn’t around.

Summoners infiltrate Firesoul Keep.
Ebix receives a note. “Go fight now.” Some rhino-slicing and summoner beatdown ensues.

Ebix holds one of the summoners for questioning. With the use of his telepathy crown and a charm person spell, he manages to learn a lot.
The leader of the infiltration group was a carrying a bracelet or something like that which can potentially be used to free Bahatmut (a platinum dragon, not the The Platinum Dragon. Probably.) who was captured by some summoners.
The bracelet has 7 empty slots.
Ebix then uncharms the summoner and has him arrested and prosecuted.

After a week Ebix remembers about the note and reads the rest of it. It is written by Krusk. From the future. It tells him how to use the bracelet, basically.

Party heads to the Abyss. Ebix drops some of his blood onto the item and a portal opens.

Party arrives below a large temple or something like that. At the top of the stairs are 7 hallways with portals.
There is an inscription in the main area from which Ebix is able to figure out that the portals correspond to 7 different planes: 4 elements, life/death, and “reality”.
Common sense apparently leads them start with the elemental portals first.

Earth: There is a cave, deep underground. Party enters larger area with an entrance to the side and in front. Rats come out. But not just rats: rat men. Wererats.
Ebix and Ieuan recognize this situation as being very similar to a famous ancient battle. Ebix immediately blocks off the side entrance with a wall of ice, just before wererats are able to flank the party.
The wererats are no match for the combined might of the 4-armed Zerga’tul, the godslaying katana, and Viti’s Last Meal.
A rat ogre bashes through the wall of ice. Kincit does some fancy lancing and Ieuan does some monk/fire-katana stuff.
A brown gem appears. Maybe yellow. Ebix grabs it and it fills in one of the 7 slots in the wristband. Party gains strength from the earth plane (fortitude + sonic DR).

Air/wind: Party transported to a minimal 2-dimensional universe with limited sight distance. There are large gaps in the ground. Ieuan fails to make it across and falls a short time, hits the edge of reality, and explodes. Fortunately, death in this universe just puts you back at the entry point. They manage to jump across the first set of gaps.
Next room has spikes falling from the ceiling. One hits Shu, who explodes and ends up at the entrance.
Eventually, they make it to a long corridor with a low ceiling and doors which automatically open/close when you walk up to them.
The music that has been playing in the background for some reason changes. They arrive in a room with spikes on the ceiling and a weird green guy who is shooting slow-moving bubbles. Ieuan dodges a bit then hits the Bubble Man.
Party receives bubble blaster weapons (hand-attachment gun which shoot a bubble which may trap things inside it temporarily).
The air gem appears in the 7-socketed hand-cannon. It’s probably yellow.

Water (Ice):
Large, empty tundra.
A giant frost worm appears. It is mad. It chases the party.
A long 4th-editiony chase occurs.
Eventually the party gets near a cave, where a half-orc comes out and chases off the frost worm with just a torch.
The half-orc welcomes them. It is Krusk. But he is old now. Also he is not their Krusk, but one from another timeline. He gives them the ice plane gem so as to avoid some kind of paradox.
Fire resistance, reflexes gained.
A blue gem is added to the anklet.

Fire: It is the inside of a volcano. There are some rock islands to stand on, but mostly lava. A magma dragon arrives.
Ieaun challenges it to solo combat. It agrees. The others site back while Ieuan quickly katana-smites the magma dragon apart.
(Not really sure what this one was a reference to.)
Party gets some ice resistance, willpower.
The red gem appears in another one of the hookshot’s sockets.

Death: Everyone is in a coffin, buried. Ieuan’s monkness + having a katana makes the situation somewhat appropriate.
Ebix tries telepathisizing to get everyone organized. Then remembers he has a staff which can make giant holes in earth, which is pretty convenient to have when buried. He then frees Ieuan and Kincit.
It is an infinite graveyard. A crypt thing shows up and teleports those of weak will (Kincit) into new graves.
Ieuan does some more signature holy katanaing (5d10 + 10d6 + 100+ damage) and the thing is defeated before anyone actually dies.
Gain temporary vampiric melee attacks.
Black gem fills a slot on the wedding ring.

Rapid aging. Satyrs dancing in a circle in an infinite forest. Singing a song which is describing either a fire or a tree.
Ebix almost gets even more rapidly aged by dancing with the satyrs.
Everyone is several years older now.
Negative-energy protection, temporary HP bonus.
Green gem is added to the magical fire extinguisher.

It is moments before the shattering. Is this real life? No, sort of, according to Fladnag.
Ebix tries mentally stopping things through abuse of the telepathy helmet, but it doesn’t matter. The Shattering is fated. Probably.
They learn about a potential way to fix things: 3 gems that need to be found and brought to their original locations (the 3 great pre-shattering kingdoms). Unfortunately, one of the locations doesn’t really exist anymore, so that’ll be interesting.
They make it out just before reality gets messed up real bad.
Better defenses (+4 AC)
Ebix: Gift of Fladnag. (Gestalt levels in sorceror.)
White gem.

Now that all 7 of the gems were gathered in the bracelet, the center portal, prismatic, opens.
The corrupted crystal/platinum? dragon, Bahatmut, is chained there. The chains are pretty weak, though, apparently, as he breaks loose immediately.

An epic, high-powered fight ensues.
Ieuan keeps Bahatmut busy for a while with holy, enhanced armor, assisted by some summoned rats.
Hasted Kincit makes repeated charge-passes.
Bahatmut’s roars send shock waves which could pretty quickly obliterate most normal beings. Then he blinks a magical shield around himself.
Zerga’tul has some trouble getting through the crystal armor and magical shield.
Ieuan’s burning katana opens up some cracks in the crystal armor.
Kincit charges, flanked by Ebix’s rats, misses on the first pass, then uses Viti’s Last Meal to fly at Bahatmut, landing a fatal blow with his lance.

Bahatmut is dying. Partially because of the evil summoners, but mostly because of all the slicing and poking. He merges his spirit into Qor/Zerga’tul, who is now Baham’tul, a very young red dragon.
Ebix receives some kind of double-curve-bladed element-shifting weapon.

But what happened to Krusk? How did he learn how to deliver letters back in time? Stay tuned for next week’s episode…



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