Episode 9 - Liquid Metal
I'll Be Back


Episode 8 - Ebix and the Ultimate Summon
If anything in this episode looks like a reference to something, it probably is.

Krusk isn’t around.

Summoners infiltrate Firesoul Keep.
Ebix receives a note. “Go fight now.” Some rhino-slicing and summoner beatdown ensues.

Ebix holds one of the summoners for questioning. With the use of his telepathy crown and a charm person spell, he manages to learn a lot.
The leader of the infiltration group was a carrying a bracelet or something like that which can potentially be used to free Bahatmut (a platinum dragon, not the The Platinum Dragon. Probably.) who was captured by some summoners.
The bracelet has 7 empty slots.
Ebix then uncharms the summoner and has him arrested and prosecuted.

After a week Ebix remembers about the note and reads the rest of it. It is written by Krusk. From the future. It tells him how to use the bracelet, basically.

Party heads to the Abyss. Ebix drops some of his blood onto the item and a portal opens.

Party arrives below a large temple or something like that. At the top of the stairs are 7 hallways with portals.
There is an inscription in the main area from which Ebix is able to figure out that the portals correspond to 7 different planes: 4 elements, life/death, and “reality”.
Common sense apparently leads them start with the elemental portals first.

Earth: There is a cave, deep underground. Party enters larger area with an entrance to the side and in front. Rats come out. But not just rats: rat men. Wererats.
Ebix and Ieuan recognize this situation as being very similar to a famous ancient battle. Ebix immediately blocks off the side entrance with a wall of ice, just before wererats are able to flank the party.
The wererats are no match for the combined might of the 4-armed Zerga’tul, the godslaying katana, and Viti’s Last Meal.
A rat ogre bashes through the wall of ice. Kincit does some fancy lancing and Ieuan does some monk/fire-katana stuff.
A brown gem appears. Maybe yellow. Ebix grabs it and it fills in one of the 7 slots in the wristband. Party gains strength from the earth plane (fortitude + sonic DR).

Air/wind: Party transported to a minimal 2-dimensional universe with limited sight distance. There are large gaps in the ground. Ieuan fails to make it across and falls a short time, hits the edge of reality, and explodes. Fortunately, death in this universe just puts you back at the entry point. They manage to jump across the first set of gaps.
Next room has spikes falling from the ceiling. One hits Shu, who explodes and ends up at the entrance.
Eventually, they make it to a long corridor with a low ceiling and doors which automatically open/close when you walk up to them.
The music that has been playing in the background for some reason changes. They arrive in a room with spikes on the ceiling and a weird green guy who is shooting slow-moving bubbles. Ieuan dodges a bit then hits the Bubble Man.
Party receives bubble blaster weapons (hand-attachment gun which shoot a bubble which may trap things inside it temporarily).
The air gem appears in the 7-socketed hand-cannon. It’s probably yellow.

Water (Ice):
Large, empty tundra.
A giant frost worm appears. It is mad. It chases the party.
A long 4th-editiony chase occurs.
Eventually the party gets near a cave, where a half-orc comes out and chases off the frost worm with just a torch.
The half-orc welcomes them. It is Krusk. But he is old now. Also he is not their Krusk, but one from another timeline. He gives them the ice plane gem so as to avoid some kind of paradox.
Fire resistance, reflexes gained.
A blue gem is added to the anklet.

Fire: It is the inside of a volcano. There are some rock islands to stand on, but mostly lava. A magma dragon arrives.
Ieaun challenges it to solo combat. It agrees. The others site back while Ieuan quickly katana-smites the magma dragon apart.
(Not really sure what this one was a reference to.)
Party gets some ice resistance, willpower.
The red gem appears in another one of the hookshot’s sockets.

Death: Everyone is in a coffin, buried. Ieuan’s monkness + having a katana makes the situation somewhat appropriate.
Ebix tries telepathisizing to get everyone organized. Then remembers he has a staff which can make giant holes in earth, which is pretty convenient to have when buried. He then frees Ieuan and Kincit.
It is an infinite graveyard. A crypt thing shows up and teleports those of weak will (Kincit) into new graves.
Ieuan does some more signature holy katanaing (5d10 + 10d6 + 100+ damage) and the thing is defeated before anyone actually dies.
Gain temporary vampiric melee attacks.
Black gem fills a slot on the wedding ring.

Rapid aging. Satyrs dancing in a circle in an infinite forest. Singing a song which is describing either a fire or a tree.
Ebix almost gets even more rapidly aged by dancing with the satyrs.
Everyone is several years older now.
Negative-energy protection, temporary HP bonus.
Green gem is added to the magical fire extinguisher.

It is moments before the shattering. Is this real life? No, sort of, according to Fladnag.
Ebix tries mentally stopping things through abuse of the telepathy helmet, but it doesn’t matter. The Shattering is fated. Probably.
They learn about a potential way to fix things: 3 gems that need to be found and brought to their original locations (the 3 great pre-shattering kingdoms). Unfortunately, one of the locations doesn’t really exist anymore, so that’ll be interesting.
They make it out just before reality gets messed up real bad.
Better defenses (+4 AC)
Ebix: Gift of Fladnag. (Gestalt levels in sorceror.)
White gem.

Now that all 7 of the gems were gathered in the bracelet, the center portal, prismatic, opens.
The corrupted crystal/platinum? dragon, Bahatmut, is chained there. The chains are pretty weak, though, apparently, as he breaks loose immediately.

An epic, high-powered fight ensues.
Ieuan keeps Bahatmut busy for a while with holy, enhanced armor, assisted by some summoned rats.
Hasted Kincit makes repeated charge-passes.
Bahatmut’s roars send shock waves which could pretty quickly obliterate most normal beings. Then he blinks a magical shield around himself.
Zerga’tul has some trouble getting through the crystal armor and magical shield.
Ieuan’s burning katana opens up some cracks in the crystal armor.
Kincit charges, flanked by Ebix’s rats, misses on the first pass, then uses Viti’s Last Meal to fly at Bahatmut, landing a fatal blow with his lance.

Bahatmut is dying. Partially because of the evil summoners, but mostly because of all the slicing and poking. He merges his spirit into Qor/Zerga’tul, who is now Baham’tul, a very young red dragon.
Ebix receives some kind of double-curve-bladed element-shifting weapon.

But what happened to Krusk? How did he learn how to deliver letters back in time? Stay tuned for next week’s episode…

Episode 7 - Secret Asiany Swordmaker
i got nothing for this one right now

Qor’tul evolves into Zerga’tul.

Ieuan wants to go see about that secret training area to the northeast.

Wood golem + bigcats attack at night. Fire is super effective.
Rock trolls found, but it’s day time, so they’re just statues. Try chipping at their knees some, not working too well, keep moving.

Path up the side of a mountain. Long way up. Door into side of mountain.
Party waits for several days. Eventually they get let in.

Master dude is like, a monk, or something. Also has sweet weapons. Also exists outside the rules of this universe.

Have to do chores for the master guy. Carry bricks up the mountain. Wash laundry and then run it back across some kind of stereotypical hard-to-cross system of small things. And chop some firewood.
Also, no cheating (no using, you know, your actual abilities, like magic and such).

After a few days of failures, people start getting creative.
Krusk figures out how to balance the laundry load a little better.
Kincit decides to challenge a tree to a fight. It charges and takes him out in a few seconds.
Ebix tries carrying bricks up the stairs. Eventually he gets so exhausted that he’s only able to carry a brick by somehow using a bag of holding of sorts on his own body.
Ieuan is really good at getting wood.

After doing enough chores to get significantly worn out, the trials begin. Everyone but Ieuan may skip a trial beforehand after hearing a vague clue about the contents of the trial. Fail any, can’t do any more.
If Ieuan succeeds, gets something really awesome. If others succeed, may become stronger.

First, the 5 elements: air, earth, fire, water, and void.
Then the 3… uh… other things.

Air: Write an epic haiku. Ieuan has one prepared. Everyone else feels somewhat wiser because of it.
Earth: “Let’s see how much punishment you can take.” Kincit: “YES!” … Hit the master 3 times. Ebix summons tons of pokemans, some of which manage to hit the master before getting facepunched. Krusk throws handfuls of rocks, a few of which hit. Kincit does some scimitar mastery and straight-up hits enough times before he can get knocked off his horse. Ieuan also manages to gets the necessary hits in before getting hit too much. Everyone feels tougher.
Fire: (I missed this one.) Something about jumping across hot coals or lava by jumping only on rocks. Requires great dexterity. Kincit decides to skip upon just hearing the element type. After seeing that the actual challenge involves acrobatics and fire, Ebix drops out. Krusk manages to make it across with a few nearly-fatal missteps. Ieuan learns from Krusk’s difficulties and makes it across despite not being as dexterous. Krusk feels more nimble.
Water: Cut a lilypad in half with one blow without getting the blade wet. Krusk throws an ice bomb, freezing the water, allowing him to easily cut a lilypad because the water is now ice. Kincit repeatedly swings his scimitar while waterwalking, getting very slightly closer with each swing, until eventually making a lucky strike. Ieuan pulls out a dagger and mostly cuts one in half, leaving a small strand attached, then blows on it, splitting it in half with a single blow. …yep. They feel smarter.
Void: “You must master your self.” Krusk goes first. He meets a mysterious opponent. Krusk buffs up and starts chucking bombs. The opponent is somehow unnaturally accurate with his attacks and KILLS Krusk after a short fight. He is actually dead. For real. Kincit remembers a story from his childhood or something like that and goes in with just his shield. The opponent, while still very dangerous, seems only half-overpowering. Kincit drops his shield and fights hand-to-hand. After a several missed strikes by both sides, the oppoent stops, bows, and leaves. Ieuan has learned from the others, enters naked, and has a quick spar with the mysterious opponent.

Life+Death? Mind/Soul? Not sure what “elements” these were.: Ieuan has to drink some stuff. He dies. For real. The master has an item which can revive the dead at the expense of the some user(s) of the item’s life force. Ebix and Kincit revive Krusk. Krusk revives Ieuan.
Battle? Bravery? Body? Something which clearly signified a final fight.: Fight against the master. Master is good at counter-attacking and has an instant-kill move, but doesn’t manage to kill anyone important.

Ieuan gets a sweet katana which apparently could even “cut gods”. Also learns learns how to be a Monk (gestalt class).
The others feel much stronger in their convictions as they head back to town.

Episode 6 - Wizard's Tower /The Meta/side-plot Arrives - Wilderness Treasure Hunt #3 - Undead Fort Confusion
Revenge on Wizard Tower Delayed Temporarily

Ieuan meets some mysterious guy who tells him the location of a secret training area to the northeast. And he only had to pay 1500g for the information! I’m sure this is completely real because it is too cool to not be. Also there was something about a haiku.

Party decides to check out the final treasure location on the Map of Fahz.

On the way, they stop at the Wizard Tower. They climb/fly to the top. Qor’tul finds a secret doorway near the top. They go in.
First they meet an owl. Lord Ebix tells it to say hello to its mother for him.
After a bit, the tower’s wizard shows up. Fladnag. He is old. Also forgets stuff. Also is distracted. Also is multitasking across many realities at the same time. He is looking for things in the wrong realities to return them to where they belong in hopes this will cut down on the rampant infinite realities expansion. This also might fix the rift. Or make this reality go away. Or nothing.

Party goes to the bottom level. Qor’tul digs through years worth of literal crap to find things people had left in the magic chest from the outside. The most interesting thing is a shadowed studded leather armor.

This dimension’s owl tells the party about some books with advanced/lost knowledge. Krusk should be able to learn about all sorts of lost ancient technology. Ebix might be able to rediscover ancient magics (v3.0 magic and such).

After fulfilling their curiosity about the tower, the party heads off towards treasure.
Party goes around minor earth plane and major fire plane rifts.

There is a monolith nearby. Party solves a puzzle involving magical LED circuits or something after accidentally blowing up Qor’tul on a failure. Not much interesting here except for a staff that can make holes in walls and also move chunks of earth.

Party finds the valley with a creek where the final treasure is. Unfortunately, there is nothing inside the chest. Apparently someone else may have gotten to it years ago.

Party decides to check out the fort nearby.

The fort is filled with unanimated skeleton creature things. Then Krusk throws a bomb and they all become reanimated skeleton things. Also there are ghouls. Also a troll zombie/skeleton.
Ebix tries casting a lightning bolt. Instead he hurts himself. (Wild Magic in effect.)
Party manages to hold off the first groups of undead.
Then the leader [name/creature type] the Enchanter. Almost everyone gets confused and starts attacking each other.
Ieuan starts smiting the crap out of the enchanter, which fortunately ends the fight before everyone else kills each other to undeath.

There is a coffin. It contains gloves of storing. Oh, but also it is filled with insanity gas.
Krusk and Kincit get amnesia again. Fortunately, Ieuan remembers Kincit has a potion of remove disease on him, so Krusk unforgets things.

Party makes it back to town with only a minor phase spider attack.

Kincit remembers what a shovel is again and thanks the others for not being a dick. Ebix had really wanted to, but paladins disapprove of unlawful dickishness.

Episode 5 - Earthen Invasion

Portal from earth plane opens in city.

Some citizens show up to join the fight.
Minor earth plane rift opens up in the city. Ogres and orcs DIAMONDS.
Krusk + Ebix burn Sir Douche’s castle.
Fight 1: Strong ogre boss. Broken viking breaks stuff. Ieuan helps a lot.
Fight 2: The whispering. Bard enthrall + the “king”. Several citizens in danger. Kincit gets charmed but fails at poking his new friends to break their enthrallment.
Fight 3: The hungry + the dark. Mass summons. The whispering, charmed by the bard earlier, shows up, keeps the dark from obliterating everything. The dark is too powerful for E6, but the party manages to keep it controlled/occupied enough to finish it off without anyone important dying.

There is a fountain near the portal.
Lord Ebix, captain of the city guard, has a nice castle where Sir Douche’s home once stood. Apparently there was considerate amount of reality altering that went on. Sir Douche is just a regular dude now and will never be heard from again (until he inherits Fahz Manor upon Kincit’s inevitable death).
Kincit is now purple.

Volume 4: Summoner Attack - Wilderness Treasure Hunt #2 - Fridge of Steakholding - Vitti's Sewage Roast - Ah Crap Poltergeist
Enough content to be Season 2.

Kincit’s map has a second treasure location west of town. All but Ieaun head that way.
Summoners ambush them by having one of them pretend to be attacked by an elemental. Kincit and Ebix(?) get held. Qor’tul and Krusk rush to their aid.
Summoners summon negative energy plane rift. Ouch. Krusk closes it with a cure light wounds wand.
Ieaun shows up not long after seeing the dark rift from his farm.

Party finds oak forest, eventually finds the location of the hidden treasure.
Ebix realizes he can summon celestial eagle, which are great for scouting terrain.

Party finds abandoned “wilderness camp”. Erastil hallowed ground. Evil is afraid of it.
Just to the north it is very very bad. Ebix sends Krusk on recon. It is very very bad. Party heads back to town.

Party buys some stuff then enters the abyss again.
Runs into what is clearly some kind of haunt.
(Illusory modern-day house)
Krusk opens the fridge, pulls out a steak, and puts it in his bag. (It is still there, 3 sessions later, I believe.)
There is a little girl and a dirty teddy bear. Also eventually some kind of shadow thing. After attacking the shadow thing a bit, party decides to burn the bear, which apparently was a good thing.

Party arrives in 1E (Sewers).
Ebix summons some celestial riding dogs. Everyone gets fire resistant in anticipation of the Strong red dragon (wyrmling?).
Door opens. Initial fire breath takes out Shu (Kincit’s unnamed horse). Ebix’s summoned pack attacks. Kincit falls onto the sewage below and charges (water-walking).
Krusk throws an ice bomb. Ieuan smites.
Vitti goes down pretty fast.
Inside is… a winged shield (+3, flight) of arrow-catching.

On the way back, pretty much everyone is afraid and runs in random directions.
Ieuan and Ebix are still around to fight the poltergeist. Ieuan’s flying shield comes in handy. Poltergeist goes back to its fountain.
Ebix drops an anchor feather token in the fountain, breaking it and breaking the poltergeist’s curse.

Episode 3: The Clocktower (Pt. 2) - Megadogs vs Green Titan
also gigahorse

After realizing he can cast Lightning Bolt, Ebix is summoned out of the dungeon. Probably by the summoners who are after him.
Remaining party members aren’t too surprised, figure it’s just Ebix being Ebix.

Party heads through a door which leads to a small room… too small.
Someone eventually figures out one of the walls is an illusion. Behind this wall is… another too small room.
Someone eventually figures out the walls behind the illusion is also an illusion. This leads to a door.
Party breaks through the door, attacked by stirges. Fire bomb is effective.
Someone eventually figures out the wall on the other side of the room is an illusion. Behind that, the room extends a little further.
Someone eventually figures out a small section of the new wall is an illusion. It contains a chest. In the chest are gems and well-made weapons (longsword, greathammer, lance).

Ebix + Qor’tul return through the entrance to the gate. Guess it wasn’t a big deal.

Party finds beats on some skeletons.
Party find a what looks like an office or library. Also a bathroom.
Party finds dead hooker storage (refrigerated), filled wall-to-wall with dead hookers. Probably used for making carrion golems.

For some reason, all animals in this floor of the dungeon have grown considerably. Ebix summons riding dogs which become Megadogs. Kincit’s horse becomes Gigahorse.
Party finds a room with spiders. After hijinx involving a flask of alchemist’s fire caught in a web and everyone throwing things at it to get it to drop, eventually it breaks open, burning all spiders and webs.
Through this room, there is a broken circle of binding. Also a realistic, kind of creepy foreshadowing/backstory tapestry depicting the events of The Shattering. 3 kings and many citizens in the background (I forget the details. Fire/destruction?, rotting/obliteration?, and [time/phasing/duplicates/alternate realities]?). At first, the people look excitied, but then, horrified.

Party finds an empty room. Qor’tul enters. Disappears. 6 kobolds appear. Party quickly deals with them.

Ebix resummons Qor’tul, sends him into the empty room. Qot’tul ends up near a spider. Fights it, barely wins.
Krusk recognizes a random teleport room when he sees one. Ebix sees an opportunity when he sees one, sends Qor’tul through a few more times. Eventually gets bored.

Party meets a trapped door they do not like. Q disables the trap after being pierced by a spear by bashing the spear. Party decides door is boring, goes away.
Q gets chopped up by a different trapped door.

Party finds some adventure graves in a hidden room, dig up a wand of moderate harm(?).

Party heads back to the door they got bored with. Qor’tul tries to open the door and gets burnt pretty badly. Peace out.
Ieuan opens the door with makeshift gloves made out of a wet blanket.
Behind the door is a huge flame and an angry dwarf (Rutilan?). Party slams the door shut and flees to the entrance room.

Party finds a room sealed with a heavy door with a round big turning handle thing. There is clearly a dungeon lord here. It has something to do with acid or poison.

Ebix summons 5 Celestial Megadogs.
Evatanus(sp?) the Titan (young green dragon) sprays corrosive acid on the dogs as soon as the door is opened.
Megadogs surround young green dragon, bite it up. But there is a lot to chew through.
Krusk fire bomb, misses. Ieuan guards the door in case of need of a hasty retreat. Kincit charges the dragon.
Dragon starts to take off and sprays all 5 megadogs and Kincit. 2 dogs and Kincit+horse pass out. Ieaun rushes in to get Kincit out of the room. Ebix summons another Megadog.
Megadogs keep smiting the dragon.
Dragon knows it’s in trouble, tries to charge the humanoids outside of the room. Ieuan slams the door on it and seals it back up. Dogs finish off dragon.

The dragon has 200,000 silver pieces.

Potions and first aid are applied the the cavalier and more importantly, his horse (aka silver-mover).

Party exits to find the courtyard has been flooded. Ebix summons a Regulardolphin for Ieuan to ride.

Party gets surrounded by zombies. Kincit instructed to hang back with the cargo, does so grudging. Party takes out these zombies with some fire and slicing. Mostly fire.

Party meets another adventuring party near the front gates who cover their retreat from the abyss.

Back in town, everyone trains for a few days, improving their skill quickly thanks to their practical experience in combat.

Viti the Strong still awaits.

Episode 2: Wilderness Treasure Hunt #1 - Abyss Adventures - The Clocktower (Pt. 1)
still phoning in the logs

A map is found in Fahz Manor. Seems to be a treasure map. 3 Xs. One nearby.
The first X is near the mysterious Wizard Tower to the north at the edge of the farmlands+forest.
Party gathers camping gear and heads out north to find the “treasure”.

End of the day, see a farmhouse. Farmer lets them stay overnight. Turns out it’s the last occupied farmhouse in the north.
Party discusses wizard tower with him (sounds like it’s a census survey, IMO).

It is snowing.
Party heads out to search for “the treasure” “under a rock in the field”. Finds the rock fairly quickly.
Under the rock, there is a chest. It has some money and some gems, one of which is probably expensive (>500g).

Party heads to wizard tower. Magic mouth asks a few basic questions about who the characters are, then a box appears. “What have you brought?”
Someone puts some money in. A stick. “skepticism”. Nothing interesting happens.
A few of the party members vow revenge (not sure for what, exactly).

Party stays at farmer’s house on the way back bq). again.
Arrives back in town. It is the night of the Caydan Cailean festival (lucky drunk CG god of partying).

Party gets the weird gem appraised. It is worth over 800g.
Tries to find a noble to buy them. Sir Douche(name modified to protect identity) tries to haggle. Mrs. Douche shows up. Krusk + Summ take advantage of situation, make a better deal for ALL gems.
Sir Douche is disappoint.

Eaen gets the sewer scrolls mended. They are Levitate and Phantom Steed.

Party gears up. Kincit has a Guard Post built after realizing his party’s dealings with Sir Douche may have negative consequences in the future.

Back to the old city/abyss. Going to try going to the castle’s portal (hard mode).
Tries trailblazing, ends up in a dead-end time dilation field, loses a day, leave.
Tries taking the road. The king’s army is out marching through the city, leave.
Tries again. Meet a surviving member of a party wipe. Skeletons got them. Party avoids this path, ends up at magic academy (normal mode).
Magic academy gate detects them as intruders, teleports party to the void (a giant hole, with large rocks suspended in the air. Party grappling-hooks the rock toward solid ground instead of trying to jump.
Party decides to head for the castle instead.

Inside the castle, level 1 is “The Clocktower”. Gears, a fountain, and illusionary treasure.
Paladin detects evil far away behind a door. Summoner detects magic (the fake treasure). Both continue concentrating on detecting as the evil thing gets closer and closer to the door.
A carrion golem smashes through the door!
Eidolon, Ian attack. Krusk throws a fire bomb, which slows the golem. Kincit charges on his horse with a lance for massive damage.
Golem hits Ian, Ian catches fever. Golem is slain.

Party finds a fountain. It is magic. “Let’s drink from it!” They do. Then they realize the fountain is the entry room is also magical.
Fortunately, the fountains are mostly benevolent.
Krusk gains a level. Yep. Also his body is harder(?).
Euean becomes physically even stronger than before and also learns how to more effectively battle a certain type evil outsider type. Logger still can’t spell his name.
Summoned becomes sneakier (shadow form). Logger remebers his name starts with a “Q”.
Summoner learns how to cast Lightning Bolt. At level 1. Yep. Logger still has no idea what his name is.
Kincit has a moment of ultimate clarity, allowing him to get over his current issues (Complications solved! Time for new ones?). Also he can walk on water now.
With these blessings from the fountains, the party decides to continue in the clocktower.

To be continued…

Not really a good cliffhanger. Oh right.
“The unknown Clocktower Lord with a still-unknown known-to-be-broken ability still awaits somewhere on this level. And the abyss/city outside still waits to get them again when they eventually go to leave. And they have to go all the way across the abyss/city, too…” DUN-dun-DUHHHN!!!!

Episode 1: Title
raw notes, someone should make it funny/accurate later

Guardians of the Vale:
farmer-destined-to-save-the-world Paladin “Ian” (Spelled with 6 letters and pronounced Welshishly)
chaotic “burn everything” Gnome Summoner Ebix
“destroy things with controlled fire” alchemist [name]
low-level noble Cavalier Kincit Fahz

Party gathers in the literally nondescript Fahz Manor common room. Decides to gather intel before heading into the Abyss.

Dead Dragon Inn
merchant – “go bring me skin of the dragon” Viti the Strong.
innkeeper – killed a dragon back in the day. stories about the old city. (black wind, king) It’s out to get you. Gates.

Inside the old city.
Everyone but paladin and summoned thingy forget everything for a while. After amnesia fun and weird dangerous portal, Ian leads them back out of the old city. And then back in.

subjective gravity outside of gate
in gate: sewer. low gravity.
Kills 3 rats, 3 centipedes. Small amount of coin, some water-damaged scroll. Cav scared of vermin, does nothing. Alchemists have fire bombs which are awesome.
Find door to dragon. retreat.
But first, black wind shows up. Back into the gate. Really dark and creepy.
Race to the gate, go home.

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